Treetop Circuits

Bob and Catherine have retired from the retirement project. Treetop Circuits has ceased production after 13 years and over 700 units sold.

Technical details are posted Build Your Own so anyone can make the units for their own use or to sell. Currently there is enough information to get parts and build the devices. Instructions for alignment and testing, and making the test rigs, will follow.

Email radio [snail] treetopcircuits [period] com -> mailto:radio [snail] treetopcircuits [period] com for technical assistance and to be advised when the next set of instructions is available.

Treetop Circuits has been owned and operated since 2009 by Bob and Catherine Thomas. We design and make single-sideband adapters for vintage radio receivers.

Bob is a retired electrical engineer, and has been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1958. He designs and tests the company's products. Catherine is in charge of production and shipping.

We sell our products on-line to vintage radio enthusiasts worldwide.

Treetop Circuits
43 Coates Lane
Godfrey, ON, K0H 1T0

Phone 613-449-7931
radio [snail] treetopcircuits [period] com -> mailto:radio [snail] treetopcircuits [period] com